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Through enterprise journalism, we bring you the big-picture stories, stories that impact the lives of every single person in Oklahoma. From panoramic coverage of tornadic devastation to the state’s fight against prescription drug abuse, The Oklahoman delivers an unforgettable inside look at the stories that matter most to you.


Explore our special coverage below.


The Road Ahead

An in-depth look at the anxiety and enthusiasm of Oklahomans over a Donald Trump presidency.



After decades of urban sprawl, Oklahoma City’s growing pains slow its growth. The Oklahoman takes an in-depth look at the unprecedented changes OKC must make, if we want to continue to flourish.


Getting Away with Murder

An investigation by The Oklahoman has found that since 2008, nearly half of all potentially prosecutable OKC homicides ended up with the killer walking free. In this series we looked to identify some of the systemic causes for so many homicides going unsolved.


Hunting Holtzclaw

The Oklahoman tells the story of what led up to former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw being sentenced to 263 years for sexually assaulting women while on duty.


Epidemic Ignored

Follow The Oklahoman’s Jaclyn Cosgrove during her yearlong investigation into the state’s mental health system.


The Precinct

Find out why one precinct in the heart of Oklahoma City is starting to see a radical shift in population and politics and what it means for future elections.


The Intersection

Follow a group of survivors from the fateful moment of the OSU homecoming crash to the challenges they still face today.


Addicted Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s out-of-control prescription drug abuse is among the worst in the nation, and in an effort to shine a light on this problem, The Oklahoman delivers this in-depth look at how the system enables abusers and what we can do to fix it.


Workforce Skills Gap

Hundreds of high-paying jobs in Oklahoma are going unfilled. Why? The state is suffering a shortage of highly trained workers in the fields of manufacturing, research, and aerospace. See how civic leaders and employers are responding to the crisis.


Plaza Towers

In May of 2013, an EF5 tornado ripped across central Oklahoma. The storm was one of the largest and most powerful the state had ever seen. Plaza Towers Elementary School stood directly in that storm’s path. See the story through the eyes of the faculty, students, and parents that were there.


The Deadliest Day

Follow a team of soldiers on a special mission in an eastern Afghan Valley. When gunfire suddenly erupts, the mission turns into the Oklahoma National Guard’s deadliest day.


Saving the Last Dance

What would you do if cancer threatened to steal the show? That’s the question one local ballet instructor had to ask. Follow her story and the story of her students as they attempt to defy the odds stacked against them.


A Father’s Love

Discover the courageous story of Tavaris Jeffries, a standout OU football player who put his dreams on hold to take care of his daughter as she awaited a heart transplant.