Meet Eriech

College Student and Reader

Sometimes it’s not
what you pay, but
what you get in return.

“A lot of people my age rely only on social media and free news sites for their news and information,” Eriech, a communications student at the University of Central Oklahoma, says. “I do too, but I also read The Oklahoman online.”

“Unlike a lot of my news sites and social feeds, I feel like The Oklahoman gives me information I can trust. I know they fact-check their stories and deliver the most local coverage around, plain and simple,” he says.

That’s why Eriech doesn’t mind paying a little for his news. “It’s the only news I’m willing to pay for because I get reliable news that impacts me every day. Plus, it doesn’t cost much and I feel like I get a lot in return.

Like Eriech says, “News is like anything else — you get what you pay for.”

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