Meet Kris Steele

Former Oklahoma House Speaker

When there’s a crisis
brewing in Oklahoma
where can you turn?

Oklahoma had the fifth highest number of prescription drug overdoses in the nation in 2012. In fact, more Oklahomans have died from prescription drug abuse than car crashes every year since. These statistics unveiled a serious problem in our state that too many Oklahomans were not aware of — until The Oklahoman uncovered the story.

“I think that we were slow to understand the devastating effects that addiction can have on a state,” Kris Steele, former Oklahoma House Speaker, says.

The Oklahoman began to investigate and, through its Addicted Oklahoma series, exposed out-of-control clinics, pharmacies, doctors and abusers, and a system that enabled exploitation.

According to Kris, “The Oklahoman played a key role in bringing about significant legislative changes, particularly the database that doctors now use when prescribing drugs.” Kris also says, “With The Oklahoman’s coverage, and the education it provided, laws were passed that now make our community safer.”

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