Meet Nikki

Principal, Bodine Elementary

Where would you turn to set the record straight?

Just one year ago, Bodine Elementary suffered from poor perceptions in the community about its academics, its safety, and its stability.

The result? Parents began removing their children from the school. That’s when The Oklahoman’s Adam Kemp stepped in, investigated, and wrote a story that exposed the truth — the public’s perceptions about Bodine were much different than the reality.

According to Bodine Principal Nikki Coshow, the story significantly changed perceptions about the school. “Just one article by The Oklahoman showed the public that what was happening inside the building was educational and exciting and safe.”

Since then, Bodine has experienced a 40% increase in enrollment. “We have gone from 500 to 700 students in just one school year,” says Principal Coshow. “We have children that came back because their parents realized what they had heard in the neighborhood wasn’t always the truth.”

Congrats Principal Coshow and Bodine Elementary on your success! We’re happy we could help you uncover the truth and set the record straight.

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