“Our Purpose Statement is not a slogan or a tagline — it’s a statement of who and what we are. It embodies our dedication to democracy, our promise of innovation and ease of access for our customers, and, above all else, our commitment to forging a brighter future for Oklahoma.”

Gary Pierson

President and CEO, The Oklahoma Publishing Company


Amid an ever changing world, one uplifted by achievement yet rife with disappointment, we create a brand new suite of products every day with an overriding principle in mind:

We are Oklahomans.

Our goal is to help make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family. We strive to create real value for our customers and advertisers by:

  • Serving as the fabric of our communities and their various interests.
  • Ensuring a voice for those who need one.
  • Safeguarding our fellow citizens by exposing corruption and injustice.
  • Providing valuable results for our advertisers.
  • Fostering communities of well-informed citizens.
  • Promoting opportunities for fun and interaction.
  • Helping lead change when change is needed.

This is our commitment to you, and ourselves.